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Alek: Bringin' Sexy Back

Lvthn DW12 - Obsession by Sorcaron

Say Cheese.

Say Cheese - ? by Sorcaron

Draw Until the Pencil's Over!

Draw until the pencil's over Meme by Sorcaron

Polygontus is holding a dA Birthday Raffle

3 deviants said I'll go join! :la: [link]
2 deviants said I hope these links work! :noes:
No deviants said Spread the word! :dummy: [link]

LC - An Imperial Wedding

(Spoilers) LC - An Imperial Wedding by Sorcaron

~Old Gaang~


My DeviantART Story

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 2:40 PM

Huh, I just made a 'Five Years on devART journal' last year, but hey, why not another one? Things have changed. Namely I've started being a loner again and thus have been able to draw more (still ignoring homework).

I guess I'll add more pictures this time. :shrug:

I. Prelude ~ Introduction to Digital Art (2008)

Richard Hunter by Sorcaron
Stare - 02 by Sorcaron.: Project XIII :. by SorcaronZ Building by Sorcaron

Started lurking on dA in early 2008 (lookin' for Avatar: The Last Airbender fanart); made an account in May; first posted in August.

II. The Introduction of Photoshop (2009)

Conan x Ai by Sorcaron
Ride with Me by SorcaronHBD Mom and Dad by SorcaronBecause I am a Dark person. by Sorcaron.: Juuzou :. by SorcaronPokemon Master by Sorcaron

Juuzou was the first time I used Adjustment Layers to shade. Since I'm lazy, I always use that method to shade whenever I have it available to me in PS. Ash was the last major piece I did without a tablet.

III. The Introduction of a Drawing Tablet (2010)

Say Cheese - ? by Sorcaron
Mr. E. Cullen. by Sorcaronhehehe :P by SorcaronPrince of Plushies by SorcaronInchou by SorcaronProfile - Chris Sun by Sorcaron

Well technically that first one was drawn in late 2009 when I borrowed that Intuos3, but I got my own tablet in February of 2010. So. Freakin'. Ecstatic.

IV. The Introduction of Book Fanart (2010 ff.)

The Oboist by Sorcaron
Okay, okay, this is Kuroki (the oboist) from the manga/anime/drama Nodame Cantibile. Seriously, I love that show sooooo much (go watch the live-action drama). Ugh. It is hilarious and the music is of course undeniably beautiful~

It's Christmas - WinterContest by SorcaronServes 10 People, or 1 Titan by Sorcaron- kryptonite - by Sorcaron
AF - Yours to Hold by Sorcaron
AF - Resident Genius - icon by SorcaronZTVX - R. Hunter by SorcaronPJATO - Jupiter's Son by SorcaronPJATO - Jump to the Air by SorcaronPJATO - SS::In Hades by Sorcaron
- I've missed you - colored by Sorcaron

I guess I drew Artemis Fowl fanart before I drew Percy Jackson fanart (rightfully so). I think this is also around the time when 'groups' were introduced to deviantArt, so yay meeting other fandom ppl and getting a spike in popularity! :dummy:
It always surprises me if you haven't seen that Percabeth one yet.

V. Interlude ~ Dalek Week ~ (2011 ff.)

Lvthn DW - Faith by Sorcaron
Lvthn DW12 - Roaring 20s by SorcaronLeviathan - Dalek Week - WTF? by SorcaronLvthn DW - Crossover by SorcaronLvthn DW12 - WWII by SorcaronLeviathan - by Sorcaron
Lvthn DW12 - Obsession by Sorcaron

I was introduced to Leviathan back in the summer of 2011. Since then, I've participated in all 4 Dalek Weeks (with varying degrees of completion).

VI. School and the Demise of Photoshop (2012 - 2013)

SPWM 2012 tshirt design by Sorcaron
.: Project Zero :. by SorcaronPJO Boys - June by SorcaronLC - Gimme a High Three by Sorcaron

Well technically, Dalek Week 2012 was great (I was SO on top of it! :dummy:), but I guess the rest of the year, I was either having trouble getting PS to work properly on my laptop or I was busy hanging out with people/school. Or both. Probably both. Or the latter. I was slightly less of a loner.

VII. NaNoWriMo and Dear Beans (2012 - 2013)

Dear Beans - Character Guide(*anything denoted ‘something’-American implies that they were born in the U.S.)
//main quartet
Christina (Chris) Sun: age 13/grade 8; Taiwanese-American
tomboyish, dislikes wearing dresses/skirts; likes k-pop (Super Junior), video games (Pokemon/DS), sports (tennis, basketball), and manga; plays the violin in orchestra and a bit of piano; mediocre grades; blames her chemistry teacher for failing science grades
Seth Go: age 13/grade 8; Cantonese-American
class president; intelligent, responsible, diligent; wears contacts in place of glasses most of the time; plays 3rd chair in the 1st violin section of orchestra, takes piano lessons from Mr. Sun; sucks at sports; loves math and science, perfect grades, pays attention in class
Alan Kim: age 13/grade 8; Korean
lives with aunt and uncle since parents are still in Korea; is fobby, wears glasses; brilliant but lazy, grades suffer due to atrocious handwriting and lack of int
047 Adhesive    The two of them came as a package deal. Wherever you saw one, you would find the other. The only time, it seemed, that they would not be together was during class, or when the girl was playing tennis, or when it was bedtime for the two little children.
    “It’s like we’re glued together, Seth!” exclaimed the little girl one time while they were playing on the playground. He didn’t want to move around much and was content with calmly going down the slide while she clambered all over the monkey bars.
    “What’s like we’re glued together?” he asked her.
    “How we’re always together. Sometimes your mommy picks me up and drops us off at school and sometimes my mommy and me go pick you up from your house and then we all go to school!”
    “Glue sounds like such an ugly word.”
004 Dark    Emily Huang had always been a nice girl. She had always been a quite a shy girl too. The reputation she had built for herself in school (and which she had to rebuild every year for every new class and every new teacher) was that of a quiet, diligent student who always turned everything in on time. She did have to work for her grades, and even if they weren’t always spectacular, for some tended towards the mediocre side, they were consistent. If she ever procrastinated on anything, she certainly didn’t act like it.
    Emily also had this tendency to avoid human contact. If she was walking along Caf Lane and happened to pass by a friend or acquaintance, she would greet them quietly, though never addressing them by name. If she happened to see someone, but they hadn’t seen her yet, it wasn’t an unusual occurrence for her to head towards an alternate route to avoid speaking to them.
    Seeing professo
034 Stars    As a math major, Emily should not technically have been a part of her school’s chapter of the Society of Physics Students. But since she had many friends in the club, and since she practically lived on the second floor of Rohr Science all the time anyways, many of the boys in her Calculus III class had invited her to join them in their pizza partying. It didn’t help that Derek had been in the same unit as several of them back when all the boys lived in Young Hall (some of them still did; thankfully Derek had been lucky enough to draw a room in Wiley). So then, he dragged her along too.
    Truthfully she had only gone for the pizza. Having never taken a physics class before (she took two years of advanced biology in high school for the IB program and she wasn’t planning on taking University Physics I until the next semester), Emily wasn’t sure what to expect at a meeting for the Society of Physics Students.

Dear Beans is my original story (a rarity in the sense that it takes place in a 'real life' setting as opposed to 'medieval fantasy,' which is what I usually want to write). Most of these drabbles were written in NaNoWriMo of 2012; a few more are from 2013.

VIII. And Finally, Pencil (2013 ff.)

PJO - Kiss Kiss, Fall in Love by Sorcaron
[SE] J. Kingsley by Sorcaron[SE] Shiro ^ Scarlet by Sorcaronfoxwot - Jesse by SorcaronPolygontus - Parkour by Sorcaron

Throughout most of college, I usually drew in pen because you can't erase pen and thus can't spend too much time trying to perfect one drawing. The Draw Until the Pencil's Over meme was the first time in a long time that I had drawn anything extensive in pencil.

For some reason, I decided I wanted to do a sketch exchange/art trade. Since these sketches were for other people, they had to be done well (read: I made myself draw in pencil and draw full body drawings. WHYYYYY?) This got me back into drawing in pencil during class.

IX. The Lunar Chronicles and The Return of Digital Art (2013-14)

LC - Weapon of Choice by Sorcaron
LC - Prince by SorcaronLC Boys - Kaito by SorcaronLC - Lucky by SorcaronLC - Come to the Ball by Sorcaron(Spoiler) LC - You'll Never See Her Again by Sorcaron(Spoilers) LC - An Imperial Wedding by Sorcaron

If you haven't read this sci-fi fairy tale retelling by Marissa Meyer yet, I highly suggest it! Partially because I don't think I'll be shutting up about it any time soon.
You know that really long fanfic brainstorming discussion partially inspired by this beautiful piece of art? Yeah. Currently 97.9k words / 153 pages.

The Lunar Chronicles has re-inspired my book fanarting. Photoshop continues to not work most of the time, so I bought Manga Studio a couple months ago because pen pressured happened to work with it. Lookin' good so far. :shrug:

X. Postlude

Here I thank :iconporsheee:, :iconreubendeflash:, :icongraya7:, and :iconcommanderlampie: for new conversations this last year.

@ Porsheee, thanks for being another little middle schoo high schooler with whom I've had the fortune of conversing on this site. Thanks for reminding me of all the things that I still need to do and all the things that I sometimes wish that I still wish to do.
@ ReubenDeFlash, thanks for being someone who is actually my age LOL
@ NightmareSiren, thanks for over three years of endless conversations. It's good to actually know what your name is. You know, after.. three years.
(Don't worry, Porsheee, NightmareSiren was once 14 too. XP)

Thank you new and old watchers! and thank you for 40,000 pageviews! :woohoo:


Soybean -
Artist | Digital Art
United States
I am currently a graduate student (Mathematics), so I should be on this site a little less often... To anyone who thinks that Math might be an easy major.. it isn't. :P
I like to draw (mostly boys/fanart of books), read (kids'/YA novels), write (original stories since I can't come up with fanfiction), and play violin & piano.

Main Fandoms:
Percy Jackson, Artemis Fowl, Leviathan, The Lunar Chronicles
More books/series which I have read:
Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent, The Giver, Pride and Prejudice

Bible Quizzing since 2003 :bulletblack: PK since forever and a day ago :bulletblack: Follower of Christ :bulletblack: Double majoring in Physics and Math | Oct 13, 2010 :bulletblack: Graduated from PLNU! May 4, 2013 :bulletblack: Can't draw chibis! :bulletblack: Little brothers: 2, 3, 3.5 :bulletblack: Playing violin since Jan 2012


Find me @ MF-island(s) on tumblr!



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