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Cinder. Scarlet. Cress. Winter.
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Would you mind if I uploaded some old sketches? 

22 deviants said Yes! Do it! :eager:
10 deviants said Wait, I meant, 'No, I don't mind!' Stupid English. :shakefish:
4 deviants said Eh, whatever you feel like.
1 deviant said As long as you don't bombard us.
1 deviant said No, all your floating heads look the same. Just.. don't. :facepalm:
No deviants said Post to Scraps only, please.
No deviants said I'd rather see finished works only... >.>

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May 23, 2015
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May 22, 2015
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May 21, 2015
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LC - Uncanny Hotness

LC - Uncanny Hotness by Sorcaron

Gray Wolf


7 Years on dA / Digital Piano

Fri May 22, 2015, 8:24 PM

Seven Years on DeviantArt

I never used to make journals announcing my deviantArt account anniversary, but hey, why not! It's good to keep up-to-date...

Previous journals:

Let's see, what happened in the last 9-12 months on dA?

I'm still around. Just lazy about replying/commenting/keeping up-to-date/probably because I'm reading.

Digital Piano | Casio PX-150

Other news! I just got* a digital piano this week! It's a Casio Privia PX-150.:iconlawooplz:I will admit that my mom may be right in that a digital piano is still a far cry from a real piano, but still. It's a piano. (Well, kind of.)
Me: When I grow up, I'm gonna get a digital piano first because they're cheaper/smaller/more space efficient in an apt. :la: Then I'll upgrade to a real piano later! :dummy:
Mom: Don't get a digital piano. They suck. D:<
Me: ;A;

Me: I love the way our piano sounds~ :iconiloveitplz:
Mom: The sound is lovely (because we replaced all the insides like 15 years ago). However, the keys action is a bit shallow for my tastes.
Me: How about I get you and Dad a new piano and I can have ours?
Mom: Deal.

Some specs for your convenience:
  • Number of keys: 88 (full keyboard!)
  • Finish: Simulated ivory and ebony keys (Our piano at home has ivory keys. This feels nothing like it. It's just textured plastic... However, it is very nice to play and is probably much, much better than straight plastic.)
  • Key Action: Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II (weighted; heavier at low notes; lighter on high notes; 3 sensors; the more advanced version Casio has to offer)
  • Touch Response: 3 sensitivity levels/OFF (see below for more details)
  • Number of Tones: 18 (5 grand piano tones)
  • Polyphony: 128 (max number of notes that can sound at any given time)
  • Headphone jack: 2 slots (1/4")
  • Pedal: basic pedal included
  • Other features: Record (1 song, 2 tracks); transpose; shift octaves; split keyboard into 2; USB port; no line out D:>

I'm not quite as ecstatic as when I got a tablet, but I'm still pretty freakin' excited. :eager: (Prolly has to do with the fact that I suck at piano. I'm soooo boriiiiinnnnnnggggg. I need to practice more.) Speaking of tablets, I've been saving up since the beginning of this year (January) for a new tablet, that is, so that I don't just throw $350** in whenever I feel like it. Unfortunately, this digital piano thing was kinda bought on a whim, so I decided that I would use the money I had saved up first and restart my tablet fund.

Still speaking of tablets, I won't write a full review or anything, but I'd like to make a comment about the 'Touch Response' setting. There are three sensitivity levels (1, 2, 3) and 'Off.' Nothing about the key action (which is pretty great btw) changes; it just adjusts the output of sound.

As a long-time tablet-user, I can best describe 'Touch Response' as analogous to 'Pen Pressure.' When Touch Response/Pen Pressure is OFF, the volume/radius of your brush is stuck at a non-variable maximum (of w/e you set the volume/radius to). When Touch Response/Pen Pressure is ON, you have to press really hard to get to the max vol/radius (so you don't get there quite so often). The sensitivity levels basically determine the minimum radius, with 3 having the smallest min radius and 1 having the largest (i.e. least contrast in dynamic level).

I don't know what good that paragraph just did anyone, but I felt like explaining. Here's to any other digital artists who also have a digital piano! :highfive:

I was going to post some better recordings, but I'm too lazy to do it anytime soon (such limited space on my iPad. D:> Also, considering I just spent like 3 hrs putting together these videos/journal entry...) Here is a recording of "The Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas that I made on Tuesday when I first got the keyboard.

Next up, we have a recording (actually two recordings) that I did last night... at like.. 12:30am... 1 o'clock? I so did not stay up until 3:30am again. My order of the 1/4" to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter came in, hence I could play with headphones on. In the middle of the night. *cough cough*

As with Daybreak, this is more improv on the same chords from "River Flows in You" (F#m  D  A  E). 

There's no video, just audio, for this one since I recorded directly into the computer, so I slapped my PJO Labyrinth Java project demo on there again and then some TLC fanarts at the end after I ran out of video.
Second recording starts around 3:40. I lowered the volume on that one a bit more so that playing loudly wouldn't overkill the recording. :noes: That means I only had it at 1/4 volume while playing. Not the most convenient experience, but alas. :shrug:

*An Aside

<this aside/footnote/asterisk just got very long>  :iconwalloftextplz:

One of the ways I've been hanging out with my (old, semi-retired) church friends P&J (the ones who gave me a ride to Marissa Meyer's book signing) is by joining J's band. He plays drums. His friend, S, plays guitar and sings. Her friend, G, plays electric bass. The band plays a bunch of old pop/rock/ballad songs I've never heard of before. I initially played violin but then switched to piano when a string broke on the rental violin (a second time...).

(Oh, did I forget to mention that I forgot my violin when I went to the airport last fall? :facepalm: I ended up renting one from the Baroque Violin Shop. The sound was very lovely, but I eventually ended up with 2 broken strings (on separate occasions) and borrowed my student teacher's old violin. >.> Sigh...)

Anywho, P&J and I went to Guitar Center on Monday, May 11 (finals week, but I didn't have anything on Monday) since J was looking for malletKAT. Unfortunately it was really expensive. ): Guitar Center (mostly guitars/drums) really isn't my cup of tea; I'm more a classical instrument(?) person. However, there were keyboards/digital pianos, which I took a look at. At first it was just cursory, but J had talked about getting a digital piano (DP) for me to play if we went out to play gigs. I noted down a couple I thought were nice/affordable.

Instead of studying for finals, I spent all Wednesday morning comparing potential DPs, mostly the Casio CDP-130 ($399) vs. the Yamaha P-45 ($449). Really, I was trying to justify why I should get the Yamaha because I was in love with the matte black keys it had. Then I discovered that the Casio PX-150 was the next step up on the Casio line for $499... So I eventually went with that instead. :la:

After about 3 hours of looking at DPs (seriously, it's worse than considering getting a new laptop. ;w; ), I asked J how serious he was about getting a DP (since I was sooo so so tempted to get one). He said 'very serious.' I said I'd help pay (because I'd feel bad if they bought it but I was the only one playing it. Also, I'm so temporary since I don't live around here. Why would you buy an entire instrument for me?) I think that, coupled with me telling P about [see conversation with my mom], resulted in P&J offering to split the cost with me; I could then keep the DP as a graduation gift. :woohoo: My mom was skeptical due to the inevitably exorbitant cost it'd take to eventually ship it home. :( I will think about that later.

//I don't know why I'm including this part. Oh well. I already had it typed.

Friday 5/15: Take last final. Immediately call Mom. Get the okay (surprisingly?) to purchase DP. Load $550 onto Amazon. Stress bc it was taking so long to process D: . Order DP + related items immediately after it processes.

Sunday 5/17:
Received pedal + USB cord (still gotta figure out if that was a useful purchase...)

Tuesday 5/19:
Waiting for DP case + DP bundle (DP/bench/stand).

1:30pm Hear knock on door. Package for DP case is left outside.

    Me (to roommate): Woah, so tall. Some ppl online were like 'sure it's not a body bag?' lolol

1:55pm See FedEx truck #2 drive in. It can't be a coincidence... (Like seriously. What are the chances of there being more than two trucks from the same company arriving in one day in this middle-of-nowhere-it's-the-same-apt-complex?)

2:00pm FedEx truck leaves; didn't come to our apt. About to head to office when they call me and ask if I'm still here—there's a giant package.

    Me: You think 2 ppl is enough to carry it?

    Office dude: Yeah, definitely 2 ppl. It says "Team Lift."

2:03pm Roommate and I head to office. It's a giant almost-5-foot-tall box that has "Team Lift" stickers on every side (along with "Heavy"). [Dimensions: 58x16x15 in. / Total shipment weight: 59 lbs / 26.76 kgs]

    Me: Do I need to sign anything?

    Office dude: No, we didn't even bother putting it in. Just called you.

    Me+T: *lift slowly back to apt*

    Me: You think ppl are looking at us funny?

    Us: Got the body bag already. This is body lolol

//The stand that came with the DP bundle was uneven, so I ordered another one. That one came on Thursday along with the headphone jack adapters.

I think the total cost came out to around $700? (DP bundle: 530 + Case: 105 + Stand: 35 + Pedal: 20 + USB: 5 + Headphone Adapter: 9 = $704 total. Phew.) At least there's no tax on Amazon if you ship to Ohio. ;D Lucky me. I am getting my money's worth out of Amazon Prime. XD

<end aside>

**Edit: I just realized that I put the asterisk in the wrong place. Er, that is, I formerly had a single * on the $350 for the tablet. Upon skimming this for proofreading, I thought I meant 'I just spent $350 on the DP,' after which I thought, 'Heck, I better explain why I only had to pay for half of it.' *extremely long section ensues* Oh boy. >w< Well, too late now. :dummy:

Believe me when I say that I had initially planned on just throwing a quick announcement via poll for this. Oh bother. :faint:


Listening to: Our Song by The Spill Canvas
Recently read: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
Reading: Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella
Recently watched: NODAME CANTABILEEEEEEEEE / Also, Tomorrow's Cantabile o3o
Playing: mah new digital piano :D
Eating: dinner rolls nom nom
Drinking: cranberry juice

Word Count: 847 Er, I mean, 1683 or so. :facepalm: Now 1922.

Skin by jonarific


Soybean -
Artist | Digital Art
United States
I am currently a graduate student (Mathematics), so I should be on this site a little less often... To anyone who thinks that Math might be an easy major.. it isn't. :P
I like to draw (mostly boys/fanart of books), read (kids'/YA novels), write (original stories since I can't come up with fanfiction), and play violin & piano.

Main Fandoms:
The Lunar Chronicles, Percy Jackson, Artemis Fowl, Leviathan
More stuff I like:
Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent, Throne of Glass, Mistborn, Red Rising, The Fault in Our Stars, The Giver, Pride and Prejudice
Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Fullmetal Alchemist, Nodame Cantabile

Bible Quizzing since 2003 :bulletblack: PK since forever and a day ago :bulletblack: Follower of Christ :bulletblack: Double majoring in Physics and Math | Oct 13, 2010 :bulletblack: Graduated from PLNU! May 4, 2013 :bulletblack: Can't draw chibis! :bulletblack: Little brothers: 2, 3, 3.5 :bulletblack: Playing violin since Jan 2012


Find me @ MF-island(s) on tumblr!


Sorcaron's Arrogance Map

Arrogance Map by Sorcaron


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